Appropriate Dispute Resolution Alternatives

Ever find yourself in a sudden thunderstorm without an umbrella or place to get out of the cloudburst?  Conflict is exactly like a change in the weather, sometimes expected, sometimes mild, and sometimes it turns violent.  Are you prepared, and if not, why?




Confidential and voluntary.

A place where disputants can learn to design their own agreements with the assistance of a totally unbiased, neutral, and non-judgmental professional. Agreements made by the parties involved are found to be more effective than those made by outsiders. Mediations can be landlord-tenant disputes, HOA and community disagreements, foreclosure and financial issues, parenting disagreements, and spousal or divorce mediations. Agreements are not legally binding and can be altered at any time.


Where each and every employee voice is heard to promote employee empowerment.

An outsourced corporate Ombuds-For-Hire contract is available to determine institutional resources available as the employees pursue self resolution to personal workplace issues. The ombuds complements human resources and legal counsel and does not compete. The ombuds is a 3rd party, unbiased, totally neutral, independent, and confidential individual who knows the institution's inner secrets that are data proven with recommended strategies. All information remains highly confidential. 

Family, domestic abuse and violence & restorative justice

Relationships kept in order

Using an unbiased 3rd party, flexible agreements can be created to resolve domestic issues. Issues discussed are violence, neglect, divorce agreements, asset division, substance abuse, elder scenarios, parenting, custody, financial responsibilities, and co-parenting duties. As needs change, so do agreements to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

Workplace Environments

Training and Development Workshops

Targeting potential disruptive behaviors that could potentially impact the organization are addressed directly with top management. Ombuds conduct organization-wide gap assessments to determine potentially disruptive human behaviors that could pose issues to the institution's reputation, profitability, potential litigation, and performance. 

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