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In any business there's a human side of conflict that is rarely addressed and when brushed under the carpet this conflict eventually leads to a damaged corporate or institutional reputation with high turnover. No employer wants to train employees for their competition. No miserable employee performs well in a state of presentism. Even the best employees are not immune to disruptive behaviors in the work environment. Unresolved problems at home are a workplace reality. Meaning there's a definite correlation between personal relationship issues and workplace dissatisfaction. Human resource personnel just are NOT trained in conflict prevention and management, yet employees assume they are and scurry to file an issue with HR. Instead of being held in the strictest confidences, untrained investigations involve coworkers and even family members. It's now in the employee's personnel file and can surface again during promotion scenarios. It's no wonder possible whistleblowers and those who witness unethical behaviors tend to consider potential demotions, retaliation, retribution or even termination for voicing concerns.

The costs of litigating any lawsuit are astronomical, with many litigants eventually filing bankruptcy and divorce. Do a Google search and get your coffee ready for a long list of statistics on the costs of unaddressed conflict. Recent stats show upward of $22 billion in yearly losses just in the US alone!

Individual responses to conflict are based on upbringing, family culture, societal norms, religion, symbols, and schooling. Very few individuals learn how to handle conflict positively, and yes, there is a positive side to conflict that often leads to change in behaviors. And yes, we need to stop relying on others to solve our elementary school playground problems we can solve ourselves. And yes, we can learn how our personal conflict response style reacts to another's conflict response style so that problems can be worked out early to be the least harmful, least costly, and least confrontational.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

  • How many sleepless nights have you spent wondering how to put a stop to all the chaos in your personal and work life? Don't know where to start or what the judicial system will do to your finances and reputation? Tired of the constant fighting or cold shoulder in your own home?
  • Are your personal problems making you consider a separation or divorce?
  • Who wants to start a job search or explain to the family why there's no vacation for the summer months or no new I-Phone?
  • How many employees have left a job because of conflict? Have you ever changed positions because of a dispute? Do you dread going to work each day because of coworkers?
  • Is your neighbor threatening to file a lawsuit over some disagreement?
    If you're tired of the same old, same old, then it's time for a different perspective on work and personal life post Covid.
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