Why mediate?

And why I shouldn't

What to expect...

Mediation is a facilitated discussion about the process of problem solving a disagreement whether it's personal or work related. Without negotiation there can be no mediation. Disputants agree to voluntarily participate with an unbiased, neutral, independent, impartial, and totally confidential individual who has no stake in the eventual outcome of the process. The parties must want to create a resolution that works for them given their current needs and scenarios. Mediation differs from arbitration where an outside party makes the final determination. The mediator merely guides the parties through the process fairly and around the obstacles. To be successful the parties must have honest discussions with no hidden agendas. Power is balanced instead of being lopsided to benefit the other party. And everyone benefits.

Mediation is less formal and doesn't require time in a court room. Mediation is confidential, is not legally binding, and literally saves thousands of dollars because there are no billable hours and charges. And changing an agreement is a possibility at any time. When your situation changes, you can create a working plan without heading back to the court room.

Decisions written by others have a high failure rate. Do you really want to comply with someone else's decision if it isn't fair to you?

Set your emotions aside and think about your financial situation. It's your decision whether your hard-earned dollars work to benefit you. Mediation is the only win / win option that keeps your money in your pocket. Why not focus on your needs while reducing the stress that accompanies any dispute? With mediation, you are in control.

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